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Who We Are And What We Are About:

EWVGI is(so far):

Patrick Pratt:21 years old, Group leader and founder, Marshall University student, major in Veterinary Medicine.

Justin Pratt:18 years old, brother of Patrick, senior at Moorefield High School, headed to Shepherd College in the Fall, certified EMT and wannabe paramedic. HAS NO FEAR.

Sarah Norwood:18 years old, girlfriend of Patrick, Marshall University student, major in elementary education.

Amy Bean:18 years old, best friend of Sarah,Marshall University student, major in Criminal Justice (YIKES!!!), good investigative skills.

Scott Crites:18 years old, Senior at Moorefield High School.

Megan Baker:17 years old, Junior at Moorfield High School.

David Hill: 18 years old, Senior at Moorefield High School, newest member of EWVGI

What We Do and What We Do It With:

We are interested in investigating a wide variety of supposed "haunted" places to collect evidence (i.e. photos, video, Electronic Voice Phonomena) and ultimately help to prove the existence of the supernatural.

We are a proud and official chapter of . You can view our certificate HERE to check our validity.

What We Use:

-35mm Cameras
-Video Camera
-EMF Detector(in the process of buying off ebay)

We use the tried and true methods set forth in the Group Handbook, and stick to protocols and guidelines throughout our investigations.

E-mail us:

Pictures of Us:

Patrick and Amy

Patrick, Sarah, and our friend Jerri

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