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Investigative Journal

4/8/04-Newhouse Cemetery
Investigators Present: Patrick Pratt, Justin Pratt, Scott Crites, Sarah Norwood
Arrived: 10:00 P.M.
Weather: Chilly and Clear
Equipment: Kodak Disposable Camera, 27 exposures
Time/10:20 PM-Heard a noise like something was following us everywhere.
10:45 PM-Justin observed man-like grey mist in the camera flash.
10:50 PM-Sarah and Patrick spotted same phenomena.
11:00 PM-A distinct "not welcome feeling" as we approached grove of cedar trees with maintenance shed located in the middle. Location of the "man" sighting.

Other Note: It was a little chilly, about 50 degrees, but I was bundled up and much colder than I should have been all night.
Experienced strange phenomena. Great first hunt, really excited for more!!

COMING SOON- Keith Albee Theatre, Olivet Cemetery.

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